The Orfeusz Chamber Orchestra - or more precisely its musicians - have been the pride of the Malwa Contemporary Music Club for several years. The orchestra was founded by Jan Baryła, the Club's manager and the orchestra's conductor. Depending on the programme, Orfeusz comprises a core body of strings plus other instruments as and where necessary (between 12 and 25), all accomplished musicians from orchestras across Krakow and soloists.

The ensemble has a wide repertoire, from Baroque to contemporary music. Its major artistic triumphs include performances during the Andrzej Panufnik Music Days, at concerts of the works of prize-winners in composers' competitions, and at concerts with the participation of Henryk Mikolaj Gorecki and Krzesimir Debski. During the Paderewski Year celebrations Orfeusz also performed with Waldemar Malicki at the Royal Castle at Wawel. It regularly performs with soloists including Agnieszka Monasterska, Bozena Zawislak-Dolny, Mieczyslaw Szlezer and Krzysztof Latala.

One area in which the orchestra has created something of a reputation for itself is in its performances of "garden music" at the Jagiellonian University's Botanic Gardens. Many pieces of garden music have been written specially for Orfeusz by composers with links to the orchestra.

One of the Orfeusz Chamber Orchestra's main plans for this year is its participation in the celebrations of the Wyspiański Year 2007. The programme is to include compositions by Polish and foreign composers inspired by Stanislaw Wyspianski's stained glass windows.

The significant concerts