MARIUSZ ADAMCZAK started to play the piano at the age of 7. Since 1991 he wasworking under the guidance of Prof. Gabriela Weiss. He took master-courses and consultations with Vladimir Ashkenazy, Prof. Gary Graffman, Prof. Lee Kum-Sing, Kevin Kenner and Gerardo Vila. Since 2004 he is a studies at the Cracow Academy of Music.

He is a prize-winner of national and international piano competition, among others: he is a winner of the "Konzerteum" International Piano Competition in Markopoulo Mesogeas in Greece, 1st award and GRAND PRIX of the National Piano Competition under the patronage of Polish Ministery of Culture and Art in Warsaw and GRAND PRIX of the "Pro-Piano Romania" International Piano Competition in Bucharest in Romania.

He made live and studio recordings for Polish Radio "Opole", "Planete" TV, Radio Cluj and BBC. He performed in Poland, Belgium, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Romania, Rep. Moldova, Morocco, Spain, Uzbekistan and U.S.A.